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Don't get mugged In all uses, please stay aware that pointing the phone's camera at people who do not know you or The vOICe, in public places or elsewhere, might trigger hostile reactions, for instance because people may think that you are taking their photograph without their permission or otherwise invading their privacy.

Similar issues may apply when pointing the camera at certain properties.

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Speech samples were kindly provided by Kevin Utter. Please read the disclaimer with respect to any damages or harm that use of The vOICe software might cause through inappropriate use. Nokia now first needs to prove that they can recoup their lost share of the smartphone market through their new development platforms. Nokia's Ovi Store requires on top of a paid registration a costly and cumbersome signing procedure even for safe Java ME MIDlets where users are always warned about any more risky features used by unsigned MIDlets.

The significant expenses are not warrented for freeware addressing a niche market. The current trend in Java ME applications is that you have to give a zillion permissions to get even the most basic tasks done in the name of security policies. Another trend with camera phones is that you can no longer silence the shutter sound. If you cannot silence the shutter sound without turning off all sound output altogether!

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On some phones, permission to control and turn off the shutter sound will be requested after startup of The vOICe. On other phones, there may still?

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For some dual-camera phones a workaround is to switch The vOICe via the Options menu to the lower-quality "Second camera" front camera , which does not have a mechanical shutter nor an electronic shutter sound. The vOICe aims to apply all known techniques to avoid the infamous shutter sounds and other user annoyances. However, to make matters worse, some mobile operators may add further constraints, in the name of security, to running camera-based Java MIDlets such as The vOICe.

(Obsolete) The vOICe MIDlet for Camera Phones

So you thought you owned your phone and should be allowed to do whatever you want with it? Beware that having a camera phone that supports MIDP Unfortunately this means that it is often impossible to predict with certainty whether The vOICe will run on your phone, unless it has already been tried and reported by others. Some problems with Nokia phones might also be resolved via firmware updates, e.

The latter two phones have Java hardware acceleration support through ARM Jazelle technology, unlike any of the Nokia phones. On many phones e. Nokia phones fail with video capture, likely due to some firmware bug. On some phones, such as the Nokia , the built-in camera application starts automatically upon opening the camera cover and one has to first close that camera application before starting The vOICe to prevent camera resource conflicts.

Depending on the type of phone, it may be necessary to manually disable the flash to prevent flashing with every snapshot taken by The vOICe. Since MIDP Beware that some phones only support hearing phone calls via wireless bluetooth headsets, such that one cannot listen to music or The vOICe via the wireless headset. This limitation for instance applies to the Sony Ericsson Ki and Ki. Using a wired headset can be a solution.

With the Nokia and as well as various other camera phones, one must override the default user permissions for camera capture. Other phones may require somewhat different procedures. Depending on the phone, the application Manager may by default be found in the Tools folder or in the main application Menu. On some devices it might also be necessary to allow installation of unsigned programs by setting Tools App Manager Options Settings Software installation "On" instead of "Signed only" and Online certif.

One must select Permissions Multimedia "Ask once" instead of the default "Always ask". Also, on various Sony Ericsson phones one should disable the soft keypad at the bottom of the screen via the "View" pull down menu, "Hide keypad", in order to obtain the proper position for the live video view.

It may depend on your operator if the latest firmware is available, and it is unknown if the latest firmware fixes the problems. The Sony Ericsson Wi does run and sound The vOICe MIDlet, but only after applying key "z" for the compatibility mode, and at the expense of getting the infamous shutter sound every second. The vOICe sounds its built-in image, but it cannot connect to the camera to sound live camera images, while the display only shows a white blank screen, sometimes with a green running man animation.

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It is unknown when Myriad Group will finally add camera support to their Java engines. Similar problems have been reported for other Windows Mobile phones with Java support e. On some phones, users may wish to override the default short screen saver time-out to keep The vOICe sounding Nokia: Unfortunately, one may not be able to completely disable the screen saver, while on some phones e.

It seems? Workaround for affected phones: Select Manage Permissions Multimedia recording "Ask once per application". You may need to press key "z" on S40 phones to switch The vOICe to a more compatible mode while running.

Also, user reports indicate that on some Nokia 's it does have problems with the audio device, giving "Audio device not available" error messages, while the Nokia reportedly does not even show the graphics. Currently recommended is the use of Series 60 S60 or higher series Nokia phones. Common acronyms: Media coverage: The Globe and Mail, June Handhelds give blind insight.

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Nokia with built-in camera lens is on the backside. Example views. Hovering the mouse over a view shows a spectrographic reconstruction obtained from the linked stereo wav sound sample. The recognizable reconstructions prove that much visual information was preserved in the one-second soundscapes. Note that a ". After successful installation, there will be a new icon labelled "The vOICe" in the main application menu.

Do not forget that on many phones you must have the "warning tones" setting in your active profile turned ON, or else The vOICe may not sound properly, if at all. Also beware that some phones automatically launch their built-in camera application upon opening the camera cover, and in that case you first need to close that other camera application before The vOICe can access the camera. This is because only one application can access the camera at any given time. Home Contacts Sitemap. Sort by: Random Application for Nokia E Search by Device.

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qr code reader nokia e72 Qr code reader nokia e72
qr code reader nokia e72 Qr code reader nokia e72
qr code reader nokia e72 Qr code reader nokia e72
qr code reader nokia e72 Qr code reader nokia e72
qr code reader nokia e72 Qr code reader nokia e72

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