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Fun to play with others or against the AI. What We Don't Like Might be too complex for casual gamers. What We Like Includes a helpful tutorial for beginners. Multiple AI difficulty settings for players of all skill levels. What We Don't Like No online multiplayer mode. The trading system lacks the depth of the board game. What We Like Automatic score keeping allows you to better focus on your next move. Significantly cheaper than the actual board game. What We Don't Like Tutorial needs improvement.


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Comes with a steep learning curve. What We Like Co-op gameplay is fun for all ages. Legends of the Alliance companion app introduces new heroes and villains. What We Don't Like Some missions from the physical game are missing. What We Like Includes thorough instructions and tutorials.

The 10 Best Digital Board Games For Your Mobile

You can purchase new international maps to expand the game. Finding people to play with online is sometimes a challenge. What We Like New solo puzzles and achievement badges add depth to gameplay. You can customize the text and color scheme; there's even a colorblind mode.

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  • Best Two Player Games for iPhone/iPad: Face Challenges and Be Ahead of Your Friends.
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What We Don't Like Prone to bugs and crashes. The scoring system is somewhat mysterious. What We Like Bright, charming graphics and music. What We Don't Like Might be too simplistic for older players.

The Top Board, Dice and Card Games for the iPad

Extra included mini-games aren't very exciting. Unique character portraits and other animations are a nice touch. No online multiplayer support. What We Like Solving puzzles at your own pace is a great way to relax. Sharp presentation. What We Don't Like No flashy extra features like some of the other games on this list. The base game has four fantastical factions expansions add more factions to the mix , all with their own unique abilities and powers that can be suited to different types of gameplay.

The 15 Best Board Game Apps

The world is a hexagonal board and players draw tiles, representing different military units, with powers and abilities varying depending on their type. They are arranged around the headquarters tile in order to protect it from the opponents, and the team, whose headquarters suffers the least damage during the game wins. The game fits perfectly on a mobile screen, and while the rules are easy to learn, Neuroshima Hex is hard to master.

Onirim is an example of the card game that works better as an app than as its actual physical counterpart. Eliminating the downtime from setting up the game might be the most basic change expected when transitioning from physical to digital, but in some games, something that simple makes all the difference. It is a brilliant time-waster, with each round lasting only about five minutes, with gameplay that is very easy to pick-up and almost impossible to put down. A game of Wild West and train robberies, Colt Express first caught the eye of board gamers with a beautiful cardboard 3D train and 3D cacti.

The latter you still had to assemble, even though they had no gameplay purpose whatsoever. For video games, 3D, of course, is not a novelty, but with some simple animations and a whole cart of wonderful humour, the digital Colt Express recreated the stylistic feel and character of its analog predecessor. In this game, players plan out their train robbery step by step, but secretly from each other, so when their plans are set in motion nothing ever goes as expected.

A player may have planned to punch another robber and steal a sack of money, only to find out that they already escaped from the train carriage and the sheriff was there instead. The digital version of Colt Express also has a unique Story Mode for each character, with different objectives and achievements. Exploding Kittens was one of the first games that took Kickstarter by storm. The digital version is the direct translation of the game but with new exclusive kittens and powers. No doubt due to the popularity of the game, this is also one of the best digital board games for online multiplayer with a healthy player base and even a feature allowing to challenge your opponents again after the first match.

Alex also helps organise Tabletop Tuesdays , a weekly event in Dalston, London, where participants can play board games, and even win the coveted game of the week. For more details, check out the Meetup page or read more on BigRedBarrel. With over game analysed under his belt, Kalle has a solid understanding of what works and…. Hit "Enter" to search. Newsletter Get it! About this blog Welcome to the GameAnalytics blog, where we try to help game makers build more engaging experiences through a strong understanding of their core metrics.

Follow us here. March Game reviews. Ticket to Ride Solo mode, pass-and-play, cross-platform online multiplayer iOS and Android We must start with one of the classics, Ticket to Ride , one of the games that helped bring on the board game revival and also made train games fun. Splendor Solo mode, pass-and-play iOS and Android A game about buying jewels with jewels so you can buy more jewels in the gorgeous setting of the Italian Renaissance. Carcassonne Solo mode, pass-and-play, online multiplayer iOS and Android Carcassonne is another board game classic that has made its way onto digital platforms.

As new songs are added every month, you will never find it monotonous. Heads Up! You have to guess the word on the card before the timer runs out. You can play this fascinating with one friend or one hundred friends at one go. You can save the video of your gameplay to watch it later. Featuring more than 40 themed decks available, Heads Up will never let you get out of the hook!

For all those pool players, they can now play pool game on their iPhone or iPad with their friends or with legends.

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The best thing about this game is you can play one on one or participate in tournaments to win trophies. You can use your Facebook account to challenge your friends from anywhere, anytime. A glaring feature of the game is you can add 8 Ball Pool to your iMessage app drawer to play with your friends. So you think that you are lightning fast and have got better reflexes? Try out Red Hands to find out where you stand in the battle of speed. As the game begins, one player is the attacker, and the other is the defender. And if the later chickens out three times, it would be a perfect free hit.

The one which gets 10 points first will be declared the winner. You can customize your hand type by choosing from multiple available options. This one is specifically dished out for the folks who have a special liking for drawing. The first player gets a word to draw within a limited time. And then others have to interpret and copy that image. The last player needs to guess the word and also nominates the players who were found to be the best or worst in that round. It features basic word packs. All the games are pretty easy to play, and you would enjoy them with your family and friends.

The app also features some single games which you can take on to get rid of boredom. Finger Fights is available for free but at some stages, you will have to spend bucks to break the limitation.

Which one of these games have you picked up to light up your time? Do let us know the one that is going to bring fun to your gaming. Besides, let us know the name of the games that I may have missed out.

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ipad board games for 2 players Ipad board games for 2 players
ipad board games for 2 players Ipad board games for 2 players
ipad board games for 2 players Ipad board games for 2 players
ipad board games for 2 players Ipad board games for 2 players
ipad board games for 2 players Ipad board games for 2 players
ipad board games for 2 players Ipad board games for 2 players

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