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Im from Australia and just bought a black unlocked N82 from topbuy. Good luck! Its a nice phone i ever used. Regards Imtiaz khan. I am looking for a unit to buy a genuine new or carefully used one? OnePlus 6T review. Post your opinion. Sort by: System Utilities Freeware Screen Cover, cover your phone screen with nicy clock or your favorite picture. System Utilities Freeware LandscapePro is an application for symbian OS 3rd edition devices, which allow you to change your ph. All S60 3. System Utilities Freeware Turn your phone into a fully featured LED flashlight which can be controlled with the camera key.

GT i Omni. System Utilities Freeware MazeLock offers an innovative way to unlock your touch screen phone. System Utilities Freeware The best desktop and the best slide key locker combined together! Top Downloads. Best Torch. Super Flashlight.

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Light Control. Night Light. Light - Pocketlamp Free. S60SpotOn S60 3rd Edition. Fun Torch for S60 3rd and 5th ed. And its by Nokia! Check out Nokia Music. Or Spodtronic , free also. Is there any list of shortcuts I can use with my NSeries phone? You betcha! Go to this guide here. Can I download Bittorrent torrents with my NSeries phone? A free download!

Any way to enabled threaded SMS functions? Free - Nokia Conversation. Paid - ThreadSMS. Not possible without 3rd party software - SmsOne ,. What about SMS chatting? Not possible without 3rd party software - Sms Chat and Thread Chat. Moccatroller , free!

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Can I obtain more information on the cell tower I am connected to? Yes, and its free - CellTrack. Can I use my phone as a answering machine to answer calls while I am away? Free - MobiGenie note: Paid - PhonePilot ,. Free ones - Device Status ,. Free - motvik. Paid - Mobiola Web Camera. I bought several audiobooks and need an efficient disk usage way to play them on my NSeries phone? Free solution by Nokia - Nokia Audiobooks. When I install software in my NSeries phone, I get a certificate error? My N95 switches to landscape mode when showing the power saver. Any way to turn this off? It has been acknowledged here.

No known methods around this. It also lags the phone as the screen switches to portrait mode everytime you start to use it. Hopefully, Nokia provides an option in the next firmware release. How can I protect my phone in case it gets stolen? Free - Guardian.

I received a new message on my phone, and since then, I always get "New voice message On Line 1" with the options Listen or exit whenever I switch on. But I have no voice messages! The problem is with the SIM card. Try putting the SIM card into another phone. Call your mobile and leave a voice mail. Delete the voice mail using the other phone. Now put it back into the original phone. If any other method worked out for you, do let us know in the Comments! How do I record from FM radio? It has been mentioned on some forums that Ultimate Call Recorder not free is able to record, albeit at lower quality.

I am not sure either, but my guess is that its a network service, as such, you have to connect through their network. How do you make the fonts bigger? Setting the font size lower makes more items come on screen whereas bigger font sizes reduce the number of items displayed. For other phones, you can use Psiloc Font Magnifier not free. Can I turn off the icons, status and reminders at the standby screen? My GPS takes very long to lock on! How can I speed it up?

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See Nokia's list of tips - namely, avoid blocking the antenna under the number pad, use it outdoors, use it in cloud free weather, patience and avoiding UV protected windscreens. Note that there's extra network charges depending on your plan. How do I extend the recording length from 60 seconds of the Recorder application? You will need third party software. There are plenty in the commercial market.

How do I flash the latest software update firmware onto my device? Download and install Nokia Software Updater. Note that flashing the firmware will erase all contacts, messages, calendar appointments, etc from your internal memory. So be sure to backup before flashing. There is an update for my phone but it does not show in the Nokia Software Updater! What is happening? This is due to the product code. Wait a few more weeks for the update to be released in your region. If you are rushing for the update, you can debrand another guide here the phone, but it may void warranty.

Here is a near complete list of product codes for various regions. How do I flash the latest software update firmware onto my NSeries device? Download and install Nokia Map Loader. Try Again. Sorry for the inconvenience'? Or an error "Connection to the map server has been interrupted. Make sure that your Internet connection is working and retry.

If you are still unable to download, try again later. You can get lists of proxy servers from Google. If you already have a proxy set in your Internet Options, try removing it as well. Any C64 Commodore 64 emulator? How do I insert a new line easily when composing a SMS? Hit the zero key 3 times. Thanks to mechanimal Can I password protect certain documents or folders in the phone?

Not possible without commercial third party software. Best Crypto. Can I protect installed software with a password? Free - ActiveLock. How do I create sub folders? I've learnt of a trick to create sub-folders in S60 phones! To do this follow the instructions below: Create a new folder and call it whatever you want your sub-folder to be. Move this folder to be in position 1 top left of the main menu Place an app in position 5 the default position for when you open up the menu highlight the app in position 5 and then press options so that you can see the option to "Move to folder".

Now with the option menu open, press the power key and select "Offline". You'll notice that the menu is still open, and that the folder you created is highlighted in the top left of the screen. Now select "Move to folder" and select which folder you want to contain your sub-folder. Thanks to mechanimal82 - source. Note that N95 8GB V15 firmware already includes the dictionary back.

For N70 and N72 phones only. Other NSeries phones already have this - look for Share Online in your phone menu. If you don't have it, upgrade to the latest firmware release. There's also Shozu , free. What are the available VOIP options? Is there a Symbian version of Skype? No, but you can use Fring and EQO without any charge.

Where can I get a list of codes that can be used on my NSeries phone? Here , here and here most not working on N95 are some codes. MM of calls the phone has been used for let us know if you find more. How can I add album art to the Music Player? See this guide. Nokia Maps maps free, navigation not , Tom Tom , Route 66 and many others. Any software that can be used to capture screen shots of the phone's display? All Free! How do I scan those linear, stacked and 2D bar codes?

How can I search my SMS? Nokia Search.

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It is already installed in the N95 8GB. Is there any application for the Gnutella network? By the developers of SymTorrent, Symella. Only for some NSeries phones. No extra drivers required. Wi-fi data does not increment this counter, for the N95 anyway. Nokia AD My NSeries device keeps searching for a wireless network every X minutes.

How do I disable this? How do I get a call timer running when in a call to find out how long I have been talking? How do I get a call summary to display after hanging up a call? If the above doesn't work, you will need to remove it manually. See this guide or this guide. I am unable to reinstall a theme. Though I have never encountered this issue, see if this guide helps. When I try to connect my phone in Data Transfer Mass Storage mode, it says "Unable to activate data transfer mode, Mass memory in used by another application"?

Try restarting the phone. Make sure no programs are running, especially those System App programs. Programs like Font Magnifier and themes installed in the flash memory can cause this as well. Also try setting SMS storage to phone memory, if it is not. How do you restart the phone without having to manually power off and power on?

Note that it requires Python 1. Is there any free software that can turn off the alarm or refuse a call with a flip of the phone? And its Free! You can even Flip to change profile. Though I fail to see why it is harder to just press the hang-up button. How do I disable the red flash light that comes on or blinks when taking a photo or recording a video for N95 and N95 8GB?

Nokia N82 Software

Note that this will void warranty for your N For N95 8GB, It uses Cellotape a brand of clear sticky tape which is removable should you need to claim warranty. My N95 does not power on to sound the alarm when it is switched off at the time of alarm. It tries to power up showing only a white screen and battery indicator, then gives up and powers off.

Then try setting a alarm and see if it works while powered off. If it still doesn't work, reinstall irRemote from psiloc's site, restart phone, uninstall irRemote and DRM software. Then try setting the alarm again and it should work. If it still does not work, you will need to hard reset the phone. If your intention is to save battery, a workaround is to switch the phone to offline mode. The alarm should still work then, saving battery at the same time. Example Youtube Mobile - "The connection was lost. This is probably due to network congestion.

HTTP " I am still trying to find a solution to this problem. How do I reset the call logs, timers and counters for sent and received data? Where is the video editor in N95 8GB? For some unknown reason, the full featured video editor is removed from the 8GB model.

This was only added in the v15 firmware. Can I make my phone as a wireless access point so that other PDAs, laptop or phones can use it as a Wifi access point? With free third party software, it is possible! Check out JoikuSpot - note that it consumes battery power even if not using it or even if your phone is powered off! It is Free!

Free download a torch browser for Nokia N82 _UCWEB

I am receiving an error message "emTube was redirected to html page instead of FLV movie! Check your proxy settings" when using emTube in N95 8GB? The alternative for now is to use Mobitubia. How do I sign my SIS files? However, it does not work for all SIS files.

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  4. The alternative is, unfortunately, a firmware hack. This is not official supported. Hence, the name 'hack'. See this post for the guide. How do I increase the voice speaker call volume when I am in a call? The volume bar displaying in the phone will reflect accordingly and adjust the volume.

    Or, try pressing the speaker volume keys, while in a call. Are there any third party batteries to extend the standby time of N95? Note that these batteries have the potential to void your warranty. Not possible. You may want to try third party alarm software such as Handy Alarm not free. With free third party software - MGMaps. It works even if your phone doesn't have a built-in GPS receiver, you can use external Bluetooth receiver or without any at all without lock on, of course. Install Nokia PC Suite if you haven't already.

    When asked for the connection mode, select 'PC Suite'. Click Yes, and follow instructions on your phone. When the Music Player is showing, lock the keypad by either sliding open and closing back. Whenever you want to see the music player, just press any key and the Music Player will show. How do I see and monitor the speed and the amount of data I have used? If you want to monitor the speed of the connection and traffic used consistently, check out mConnection free. Salman 1 posts.

    Very helpful blog! Gazzman 1 posts. Admin Administrator. My phone is nokia n95 8gb. Now i face a great problem. I cant activate my bluetooth. But same result. No bluetooth device address. What i should do now to start my bluetooth from my mobile. Help me. Wong 1 posts. Stina 5 posts. I think this page has a problem: It won't open: I think it was when I clicked on the first option, I can't remember, what it said anymore, My sentences may be confusing , I know,: My N85 hangs when i open an application that automatically require the phone to received packet data, as can be shown by the back-to-back arrow near the signal bars.

    Is there a way to manually turn OFF the packet data connection to prevent the hang state? Thank you.

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