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The minimum and maximum dates are ignored in the countdown-timer mode UIDate Picker. The minute interval must be a divisor of Check that the minute Interval value can be evenly divided into 60; otherwise, the default value is used 1. Table 1 lists the core attributes that you configure for date pickers in Attributes Inspector within Interface Builder.

The date picker mode.

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  6. Determines whether the date picker should display a time, a date, a time and date or a countdown interval. Access this value at runtime with the date Picker Mode property.

    Date & time picker scroller demos for web and mobile | Mobiscroll

    The locale associated with the date picker. This property allows you to override the system default with a specific locale. You can access this attribute programmatically with the locale property. The granularity of the minutes spinner, if it is shown in the current mode. The default value is 1, and the maximum value is The value you choose must be a divisor of 60 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, Access this value at runtime with the minute Interval property. Table 2 lists the attributes that control the display of date and time in a date picker.

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    The initial date that the date picker will display. Defaults to the current date, but you can set a custom value. This attribute is equivalent to setting the date property programmatically. The range of selectable dates displayed by the date picker. To use a dynamic range, configure the minimum Date and maximum Date properties programmatically. The date picker ignores these options when the Mode attribute is set to Count Down Timer.

    The initial value of the date picker when used in countdown timer mode. The value is measured in seconds, but the display is in minutes. The appearance of UIDate Picker is not customizable. You should integrate date pickers in your layout using Auto Layout. Although date pickers can be resized, they should be used at their intrinsic content size.

    Date pickers handle their own internationalization; the only thing you need to do is specify the appropriate locale. You can choose a specific locale for your date picker to appear in by setting the Locale locale field in Attributes Inspector. This changes the language that the date picker uses for display, but also the format of the date and time for example, certain locales present days before month names, or prefer a hour clock over a hour clock. The width of the date picker automatically accommodates for the length of the localization. To use the system language, leave this property set to default.

    For more information, see Internationalization and Localization Guide. Date pickers are accessible by default. Each time component in the date picker is its own accessibility element and has the Adjustable adjustable trait. The accessibility value, traits, and hint for each picker wheel are spoken back to the user when VoiceOver is enabled on a device. VoiceOver speaks this information when a user taps on a picker wheel. The value displayed by the date picker when the mode property is set to UIDate Picker. The base class for controls, which are visual elements that convey a specific action or intention in response to user interactions.

    Using HTML5 Input Types to Enhance The Mobile Browsing Experience

    Swift Objective-C. Class UIDate Picker. A control used for the inputting of date and time values. SDK iOS 2. Framework UIKit. Declaration class UIDatePicker: To add a date picker to your interface: Set the date picker mode at creation time. Supply additional configuration options such as minimum and maximum dates if required. Connect an action method to the date picker. Set up Auto Layout rules to govern the position of the date picker in your interface.

    20-Choose date and time using DatePicker

    Figure 2 Date picker displaying a duration. Listing 1 Action methods for date pickers. However the browsing experience on these devices can sometimes leave a lot to be desired.

    Time/Date Input Fields on iOS and Android

    In a rather awesome move, mobile browser vendors picked up on the new HTML5 input types and are using them to display customized keyboard layouts that make it easier for users to enter data. In this blog post you are going to learn about eight new input types that have been introduced in HTML5.

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    The iOS screenshots in this post were taken using an iPhone 5 and Safari. The Android screenshots were taken using a virtual device running Android 4. The email type prompts both the iOS and Android browsers to display slightly customized keyboards. Notice the presence of a shortened space bar and the addition of and period. On Android, the standard comma key that would appear to the left of the space bar has been replaced with an key.

    The url input type can be used to help users input web addresses. On iOS the whole space bar has been replaced with period. Using the tel input type prompts both iOS and Android to display a dialer keypad instead of the standard keyboard. The number input type causes iOS to present a keyboard with numbers and punctuation. The Android browser will launch a keypad similar to the one displayed for telephone inputs.

    There are also a number of input types available for dates and times. These can be really useful as they ensure that your data is provided in a standardized format. On iOS the date input type will prompt a date picker to be displayed. Unfortunately the Android browser does not yet have support for any datetime input types. Using the time type will prompt iOS to display a simple picker for selecting hours and minutes.

    Although there is no option for explicitly selecting a year, the picker will automatically add a year to your input based on the date and month that you select. The HTML specification also defines a week input type, however this does not seem to have been implemented in either of the browsers I tested. Browsers that do not support these new input types will just display a simple text input to users. This means that you can go ahead and start using these new input types today!

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