Best speed reader app for ipad

Best Speed Reading Apps 12222: The Verdict

With this app, you can adjust reading speed and highlighter size based on your convenience. It features two themes such as day and night and five different fonts to ensure you can read comfortably in any conditions.

Speed-reading for book lovers

You can sync it with Pocket, Instapaper, Readability and Pinboard to make your reading more mobile. More importantly, it saves everything to let you catch up with them later. Are you looking for a speed reader app to help your child develop his reading skill? Reading Fluency can be a game changer for him thanks to its effective concept. The app provides engaging game-like environments that can encourage your kid to pay more interest on learning.

With the simple text and slower speed, it provides well-ordered practice. The audio support assists in learning more fluently. Fluency Level 1 can be immensely effectual in assisting you to improve all the important aspects of reading. The app can bolster your accuracy, automaticity, smoothness, expression. There are several exercises which aid in enhancing your reading and understanding skill. The neat UI and simple method make this speed reader very handy. Whether you are a teacher or a child who is willing to achieve a grade level, it will let you accelerate your reading speed.

As everything is customizable, you can fine-tune the app perfectly to suit your needs better. To get started, simply set your reading speed from , words per minute and then push yourself harder to accomplish your goal. Keep an eye on your progress and find out the areas where you need to improve. And yes, make the most of the two million books, which are available for free to explore a lot.

The app consists of 8 highly effective exercises which not only help you fast-track your reading skill.

Speed reading claims discredited by new report

Besides, it has some great tricks up its sleeve to put on you the fast-lane! It offers smart eye training that plays a pivotal role in expediting the speedometer. The app also trains your attention to ensure you can fully concentrate on reading. Get rid of the age-old method of reading and embrace the most efficient technique to be a flamboyant reader!

With Speed Reading, you can discover your true potential and find out the right way to read up to words in a minute.

Speed-reading apps: can you really read a novel in your lunch hour?

The best thing about this app is that you can read anything you like. Besides, it also allows you to add your own favorite book to it. You will read your book in speed reading mode or as normal text. Want to go at your own pace? No problem, there is also an option to fine tune the speed as desired. The neat interface coupled with various important tools can get rid of the bad reading habit. You can browse and save articles both from the web and supported apps.

best speed reading apps for iPhone and iPad

There are three themes to make your reading more convenient. The app has a specialized typeface to improve your reading experience.

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It also lets you access and read articles from Instapaper and Pocket. And yes, you can share your favorite articles with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and other apps as well. All these speed reader apps are very useful and can be vital in boosting your reading skill. Based on your preference and need, you can pick out any of these apps. If any of the apps mentioned above has impressed you more than others, do let us know that in the comments. Reviews Apps.

Dhvanesh Adhiya. A particularly useful feature of the app is the ability to import your own DRM-free epub books for use as training tool or to be read with any of the app's speed reading tools. Formerly known as Velocity, Accelerator is an iOS speed reading tool that embraces the RSVP technique of flashing single words to users in quick succession. Where Accelerator shines is its ability to grab text, rich text and documents from various sources, such as Mail, saved Web articles, your device clipboard and various 'read it later' services such as Pocket and Instapaper.

Users can save Web articles in Safari straight into Accelerator, and a specialized typeface is designed to help dyslexic readers. Boba is a Spritz-enabled iOS browser and Safari extension that allows you to speed read content articles and content from your favorite websites and blogs.

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Users can speed read content within Boba, or throw content from Safari through action extensions, with configurable reading speed, allowing users to find a word per minute rate that they find comfortable. Word of warning? Since this is a Spritz app, you'll need to be connected online to speed read. QuickReader is another iOS speed reading app that provides you with a machine-assisted speed reading experience, combining a configurable reader with access to a wealth of public domain ebooks and the option to upload your own documents, web pages, and email. Users can set reading speed and reader colors, as well as the number of words or lines per chunk of highlighted text, allowing for a single-word-style RSVP, or more sizable word or line chunks.

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Apps Round-Up. These Apps Boost Your Reading Speed Machine-assisted speed reading uses a wide variety of techniques such as "meta guiding" using a pointer and "rapid serial visual presentation" RSVP or displaying words in rapid succession to massively increase your reading speed from the average of words per minute.

Slide 1 of Spreeder iOS: Free Spreeder does a little bit of everything in that it serves as a speed reading training course, machine-assisted speed reading tool, and social media sharing platform. Slide 2 of AceReader Webapp, Desktop: Slide 3 of Android, iOS: Free, with subscription for speed reading ReadMe!

Slide 4 of Acceleread iOS: Free Less an individual speed reading app and closer to a speed reading course, Acceleread comes with a slew of tutorials, training tools and exercises to build up your skills in a variety of ways, with the app claiming to produce results in as little as 10 days. Slide 5 of Accelerator iOS:

best speed reader app for ipad Best speed reader app for ipad
best speed reader app for ipad Best speed reader app for ipad
best speed reader app for ipad Best speed reader app for ipad
best speed reader app for ipad Best speed reader app for ipad
best speed reader app for ipad Best speed reader app for ipad
best speed reader app for ipad Best speed reader app for ipad
best speed reader app for ipad Best speed reader app for ipad

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