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Root Samsung On5 Motorola Root 1. Root Moto G 2. Root Moto E 3. Root Moto X 4. Root LG G3 2. Root LG G3 Beat 3. Root LG G3 D 4. Root LG G4 5. Root LG LS 6. LG One Click Root 7.

Root LG without PC 8. Root LG Leon 9. Root LG H Root LG G5 Root LG L90 Root LG D Root LG Stylo Root LG G4 Beat Root LG Volt ls Root LG G3 D Root LG G2 Root LG K10 Root LG G4C Root HTC 2. Root HTC 10 7. Root HTC Desire 8. Root Nexus 5 2. Root Nexus 4 3. Root Nexus 7 4. Nexus Root Toolkit 5. Root Nexus 6P 6. Root Nexus 5X 7. Root Nexus 6 Sony Root 1. Root Sony Xperia Z1 2. Root Sony Xperia Z 3. Root Sony Devices 4. Root Sony M4 Aqua 5. Root Xperia Z5 6. Root Xperia E1 7. Root Xperia M2 8.

Root Xperia E3 9. Root Xperia Z2 Root Xperia Z3 Root Huawei 2. Root Huawei P8 3. Root Huawei Y 5. Root Huawei P9 6. Root Huawei Mate 8 7. Root Huawei G7 8. Root Huawei G8 9. Root Huawei Y Root Huawei P8 Lite Root Huawei Y6 Root Huawei G Root ZTE 2. Root ZTE Z 3. Root ZTE Zmax 4. Root ZTE N 6.

Root ZTE Maven 7. Root ZTE Blade l3 8. Root ZTE V 9. Root ZTE Zmax 2 Root Kindle Fire 2. How to Root Android 3. Root Zenfone 4. Root Zenfone 5 Root Alternatives 1. KingRoot App 2. Root Explorer 3. Root Master 4. One Click Root Tools 5. King Root 6.

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  • How to Use SuperSU Root to Root Android!

Odin Root 7. Root APKs 8. Root Genius 9. CF Auto Root Super Root APK FramaRoot Alternatives Cloud Root That's both really useful and potentially a security risk. Enter SuperSU , a permissions manager that carefully monitors for apps that request Superuser access so that you can grant or revoke permissions as needed. SuperSU can log SU requests, set permissions on a per-app basis, and more. Quick Reboot is a handy utility for rooted Android devices that allows you to initiate one-button reboots of your device.

That includes special reboot modes such as fastboot, recovery mode, and safe mode, without having to use hardware key combos or ADB to get to them. Users can set up a combined widget or create one-button icons, with support for a variety of themes. Solid Explorer is already one of our favorite Android file management apps.

If you're running a rooted Android device, then Solid goes the extra mile by also serving as a root explorer app, allowing you to access your system partition with the proper root permissions. All of that is in addition to an already excellent file management app that comes with support for cloud and networked storage, a clean two-panel design, and support for add-ons that extend the app's capabilities. Dumpster is billed as the Android equivalent of a desktop OS's Recycle Bin, allowing users to recover deleted images, video and music files as well as uninstalled apps.

Deleted files are sent to the dumpster, allowing for recovery, or you can toss them out, freeing up space for new installs and other content. In addition, there's an option to empty your old files into Dumpster's cloud service allowing for online backups of data. While Dumpster can run without root, root access makes it more efficient with regards to memory and battery. While the newest versions of Android such as Nougat are much better at power saving doze modes and preventing battery draining app wakelocks, older versions can still suffer from some heavy power drain due to apps running in the background sending notifications and syncing back to their home servers.

Servicely is an aggressive task killer that runs a service every 60 seconds configurable and automatically kills selected applications on your kill-list, preventing excessive power drain. Users can keep Servicely on in a dedicated background thread, or set it to run only when the screen is shut off. Chainfire's Liveboot app does something that is really cool and potentially useful to technically oriented users.

15 best root apps for Android

The Liveboot app uses root permissions to display the logcat and dmesg to your screen when booting your Android device. They include the following:. Go to TWRP site to download the right one for your device. See the following simple steps to learn the details:. Step 1: If you download it on your computer, you need to transfer it to your device.

Opinions about Superuser

Step 2: Get the device in the TWRP recovery environment. To do that, you will need to hold down specific buttons on your device. This buttons you have to hold down vary from one device to another. Step 3: You should see the option to install the SuperSU zip file you downloaded. Select it and then "Swipe to confirm flash. Step 4: That completes the process and you should now see the SuperSU app on your device. You can test the success of the rooting procedure by installing an app that requires root access. A good example is "Greenify" or "Titanium Backup" When attempting to use one of these apps, a popup should appear requesting Superuser access.

Tap "Grant" and when you see a "Success" message, the device has been successfully rooted. SuperSU may grant root access easily but the actual process of getting it on the device is lengthy.

Superuser APK

It is therefore not ideal for you if you want a faster, more effective solution. Fortunately for you, dr. Before we use dr. With that done, you are now ready to root your Android device using dr. Install the program on your computer and then follow these simple steps:. Open dr. Connect the Android device to the computer using a USB cable. If you are running Android 4. During the rooting process, a message will pop up on your device asking you to confirm that you want to root the device.

A few minutes later, your device will be successfully rooted. By comparison, dr.

SuperSU for Android - Download

There are no complicated preparation steps you have to take to root the device; all you need is dr. The easier the rooting process, the quicker you can begin to enjoy the benefits of gaining root access. Root your Android devices by yourself at home to customize your device and enjoy more. Jan 26, They include the following: The SuperSU root zip file is free to download. Flashing SuperSU can be done with a single click.

You have to have knowledge of how to navigate root settings to use SuperSU. See the following simple steps to learn the details: Some of dr. Available on: Start Download. Android Root Generic Android Root 1. Root Access 2. Jailbreak Android 3. Root Android with PC 4. Safely Root Android 5. Root Android 5. Root Android 4 7. Android One Root 8. Root and Unroot Android 9. One Click Root Free Root Samsung 2.

Root Samsung Galaxy S3 3. Root Samsung Galaxy S4 4. Root Samsung Galaxy S5 5. Root Samsung Galaxy S6 6. Root Samsung Gv 7. Root Note 4 on 6. Root Samsung Note 2 9. Root SM N Root Note 5 Root SM GF Root Samsung Tablet

download superuser access for android Download superuser access for android
download superuser access for android Download superuser access for android
download superuser access for android Download superuser access for android
download superuser access for android Download superuser access for android
download superuser access for android Download superuser access for android
download superuser access for android Download superuser access for android
download superuser access for android Download superuser access for android

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